Aha! helped our distributed team work better together

Jordan Scharf

Director of Product Management

We had a problem

We had developed a solution in-house, but it was becoming harder to scale and did not facilitate meaningful reporting to sales, marketing, and our customers. Our growth rate was pointing to future difficulties in managing the influx of new feature requests, which — if not addressed — would lead to inconsistencies in the format and structure of those requests. That growth also triggered an increase in the number of feature requests, the sources of feature requests, and the number of stakeholders requiring information. We needed a flexible workflow to scale our processes to meet these challenges.

Aha! as a solution

The configurable workflow allows us to tailor Aha! to match our process. This is critically important for ensuring that communication from the customer through product management to development is accurately tracked and monitored.

Using the ideas portal has been a fantastic way to vet new requests before they become a feature — rather than having to clean up those requests after the feature is created. This has led to more meaningful prioritization discussions and the quality of capturing feature requests has improved dramatically.

I love Aha! because it provides a unified solution for tracking the progress of product development, from strategy discussions to the specifications of detailed requirements. It is a one-stop shop!

Aha! provides a reporting and management interface that makes day-to-day product management tasks easy to use and consume. Especially with notebooks, Aha! has significantly improved our ability to communicate internally as well as externally.

Life is good

We are now able to involve all parts of our organization in the product management process, from sales to development. We have improved communication across the organization and to our partners and customers. This is critical as we are a geographically distributed workforce.

The features of Aha! are fantastic and allowed us to make a leap forward in terms of the quality of our communication.

The ability to capture data for competitive analysis, product strategy, roadmap goals, releases, features, and new ideas in one product is amazing.