We have more efficient product conversations because of Aha!

Matt Pestritto


We had a problem

We kept running into the same issues so we knew we had product roadmapping problems. We were missing some key elements for successful product roadmapping: long term vision, understanding the product and its potential, and getting the whole team on the same page. We had the details, the sprints, the stories, but not the vision. That also meant that not everyone in the company had the same understanding of what each product was or even where it was headed. Having tech, creative and business all working in different tools made it worse. We didn’t have a method or a tool that could bring a plan and all of us together.

Aha! as a Solution

Once we put Aha! into place, we began to pull our entire product roadmapping process together. Aha! is the single tool solution that gave us the key elements of successful product roadmapping that we were previously lacking. Aha! works great for us and allows us to sit down as a whole and come to an agreement on how we are thinking about our products. Aha! is fantastic because now we can put what was locked in a few people's heads online for all to read. That gives everyone an understanding of the product and where is it headed like never before.

Aha! gives you long term visibility and planning as well as a way to manage tactical execution.

Using Aha! we can plan how to split up medium to long-term initiatives into phases and we can visualize when these will get done. Aha! enables us to take those planned initiatives and build tactical execution around them. It also maps well to existing scrum processes that are present in other tools we use bringing business, creative and engineering together in one place. We also love the ability to quickly export documents using Aha! notebooks for investors and other stakeholders. Aha! is the single tool solution that gave us the key elements of successful product roadmapping we were missing, including long term vision, a shared understanding of the product and its potential. It is now part of our day-to-day work and gets the whole team in sync.

Life is good

Aha! is more than the tool that gave us the keys to successful product roadmapping; it frees us up to have our own Aha! moments. It's worth noting that it also comes with excellent support from the Aha! team. They are very responsive and listen and respond almost immediately to all our feedback. Everyone from creative and business to the engineers are happy and in sync because we all work off of one easy to use tool.

Try Aha! and enjoy your Aha! moment too!

Using the smooth interface, engineers can see what the product team is thinking and we can keep track of how they are progressing. This makes all of our discussions throughout product development truly meaningful and exciting. We feel exhilarated again about what we are doing. At times, the excitement of having it all come together for us gets the best of us and we can’t help but shout, "Aha!" and laugh out loud!