How we centralized product planning by rolling out Aha!

James Mallorie

Global Program Manager

We had a problem

Lush is always inventing new products. We also refine our products that are already in market. This means we need a singular product management tool that supports all of our inventory needs. But finding the right one has been a real challenge. We have encountered many software tools that claim full project and business management capabilities. Yet our experience with these tools has been disappointing. Our product information remained scattered in different places. This made it difficult to keep our strategy connected with ongoing product updates. Since Lush’s strategy is our brand essence — and how we make product decisions — this separation was unacceptable.

Aha! as a solution

Aha! is the centralized tool that we have always searched for. Vision building, goal setting, and clear project definition all allow us to plan, manage, and report our progress to the right audiences. Strategy is central to our product development. Thanks to Aha! everyone knows what our goals are and how we are performing against them. Since our projects are more clearly defined, it is easier to manage work among cross-functional teams. And when the time comes to share our product updates, Aha! notebooks help us tailor these updates for each audience.

Aha! is the first piece of software that pulls all of our product information together in one place. From company vision to daily tasks, everything rolls up to a high level and helps our whole team see the big picture.

Marketing wants updates to our product positioning; stakeholders need to know how we are performing against our fiscal benchmarks. In the past, reporting out to these different groups was challenging and time consuming. Since Aha! lets us create as many notebooks as we need — and capture any view within Aha! as a notebook slide — this is now a problem of the past.

Life is good

Our team transparency is at an all time high. Since our entire product team now works in the same tool, cross-communication on tasks within projects is a lot clearer.

It is amazing to have a tool that empowers us to make product decisions in alignment with our mission. Our team has never had more clarity about our work and why it matters.

We have always been Agile, but previously struggled to put different methodologies into practice. Using Aha! has made all the difference.