Our product team saved countless hours by implementing Aha!

Fraser Mayfield

Product Director

We had a problem

Communicating to all stakeholders was a huge challenge. We did not have a tool that allowed us to keep our messaging — or our product strategy — consistent. As a result, our collective product team had to manage constant questions and confusion. This management was a challenge in itself given that we collaborate across product teams in different locations. We all needed to adopt agile techniques to manage requirements and client feedback. This goal seemed impossible without a product management tool that all teams could use.

Aha! as a solution

Everything changed once we began to use Aha! The tool’s strategic overview enables clear articulation of the product vision, goals, and initiatives in a concise way. Its cloud-based solution allows direct sharing of information across time zones. The end result is that all members of each product team are kept up to date no matter where they live. And since everyone is able to see the product strategy, all of our product teams now work with a stronger sense of unity.

Aha! empowers our product team to keep our customers happier than ever before.

Aha! also solves our visibility challenge with stakeholders. Once our roadmaps are defined, the notebooks feature allows us to share information with customers and internal stakeholders to capture feedback quickly. We can take any screen within Aha! and add it to a notebook. Best of all, we can create as many notebooks as needed and customize them for each audience. This saves us hours of editing and the need to print volumes of paper.

Life is good

We now spend far less time preparing information ahead of status meetings. This previously involved consolidating information from multiple spreadsheets. Thanks to Aha! we have more time than ever to work on — and fulfill — our product strategy.

Our mission is to help professionals work in faster, easier, and more effective ways. Aha! helps our product teams achieve this for ourselves.

Most strikingly, I have noticed that our product team members have an increased amount of confidence during customer interactions. It is clear to me that our increasingly strategic work has given everyone more clarity about what we work on and why it matters. Our customers can see the difference, too — they are noticeably happier and more enthusiastic.