How we strengthened our customer relationships with Aha!

Ranjit Johnson

Product Manager

We had a problem

There was no visibility across the organization. This made it tough to collaborate on new products and share our progress. We never really knew the status of what was being worked on at any given moment. That made planning more difficult than it needed to be, as we could not confirm if we were ahead of (or behind) schedule. The most challenging aspect was engaging with our customers. Without a cohesive way to stay connected internally, we had no process to speak with customers externally. We place such a premium on customer feedback and incorporating ideas into our roadmap. Without a clear way to engage them — and manage their ideas — we started to worry that we were missing new opportunities.

Aha! as a solution

The Aha! Ideas portals are brilliant. They allow our internal team and external customers to submit, up-vote, and comment on new ideas. This makes idea management so much easier for our product team. The Dashboard view lets us see all ideas at a glance. We can also rank each new idea against our business metrics to see which ones roll up to our high level strategy. And the click of a button lets us promote the most impactful ideas to features on our roadmap.

Aha! is a really great way for us to engage with our customers and for them to help us constantly keep improving our product.

The Aha! features board allows us to compile all requirements for each release and see everything in one centralized place. This makes it easier to ship releases on time and see the status of each requirement. And the Releases roadmap helps us see feature dependencies at a high level.

Life is good

Aha! allows us to take all of the feedback from our clients and then decide what we will implement within the product. It also allows us to build our releases ahead of time, so we can see what is coming in the future. This helps us work on more forward planning.

Aha! is the engagement solution we did not know we needed. It allows us to stay in constant contact with our product team, stakeholders, and customers. This keeps us all connected in an essential way.

The biggest benefit of using Aha! is the time we save. Whenever we update a feature within the product, Aha! sends automated emails to everyone involved. This means that customers engaging with our ideas portal are notified without any manual work from us. This saves us a lot of hours on the phone and takes us out of our email inboxes.