We put all of our roadmapping issues behind us with Aha!

Magalie Allard

Product Manager

We had a problem

We understood our product development issues, but nothing we tried addressed all of our concerns. Our product development teams dreamed of having a single point of information for all things product management related. We didn’t want to continue relying on cumbersome documents, presentation materials and emails that had to be manually updated. We wanted a solution that could keep a change log of the updates, comments and decisions as we worked and as it happened. We also wanted to be able to communicate the product development roadmap to other departments, teams, management and customers. We were thinking interactive, dynamic and in real time, but nothing met all our needs.

Aha! as a solution

Then we found Aha! which is an interactive, dynamic, and real time tool built just for product managers. Since Aha! is a web-based application, once we adopted it as our product management repository, Aha! became our single truth, something we could rely on. With Aha! our product development roadmap is dependable and readily available for everyone. With our okay and buy-in from the whole team, everyone knows that it’s all there in Aha! and it’s updated and easy to read.

Aha! is both functional and beautiful, and it allows to focus on what really matters: the product we build.

With the history feature available on all items, Aha! allows us to see who changed what and when. It’s a whole lot easier than how we previous did that manually in a spreadsheet! We also use the Aha! notebook capabilities, which give us the option to export files into PDFs or a secure web page. We love it and use it often to communicate and share roadmaps both internally and externally. All our product development roadmapping issues are met using the Aha! tool.

Life is good

With all of our product development roadmapping issues behind us, our product development is reaching new heights. Aha! is providing a new level of transparency and collaboration to our roadmap process. Transparency and collaboration translates into more engagement across our different groups. And that ultimately leads to better products.

Having a presentation-ready roadmap at any given moment, you can’t put a price on that!

Being dynamic, interactive and in real time, Aha! has allowed us to get away from the “just before the presentation need to update roadmap” fire drill. That means we spend less time in panic mode and more time in a creative, productive mode. That makes for a happier more productive team and over all better product development results.