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Educational Credential Evaluators Aha! Moment

We love Aha! because it enables us to track our product roadmaps, features and requirements. We plan to use this system to completely revitalize technology planning at ECE.

Jim Kelly, Director of IT

About Educational Credential Evaluators

The mission of ECE is to serve persons who have completed part or all of their education outside of the United States so that their educational qualifications are properly recognized when they seek employment, professional licensure, further education, or other benefits for which educational achievement is a prerequisite.

We had a problem

We work with clients from all over the world and we needed a product development roadmap that could help us keep our technology development top-notch. Our product roadmapping process was lacking, which slowed the pace of any innovation. We knew what we needed, but we did not know where to find it. We wanted to be able to capture, track and share product features and requirements. Unfortunately, we did not have the tools that would allow us to achieve this. We also needed to plan and track product releases. We also had no coordinated way to capture and publish product and organizational IT roadmaps. We tried using what templates and tools that were out there, but spent too much time creating, recreating and updating the documents and customizing the systems. We were getting bogged down in the process and we went looking for help.

Aha! as a solution

Aha! has all the capabilities that we were looking for. It is helping us to get out from under our sluggish product development roadmapping process. After using Aha! for a short time we can see how it will work for every system we have in place. Because all of our product plans are now in Aha! all additions and changes are automatically updated and everyone we choose can see it as it happens. With the amazing visuals in Aha! we are able to use product releases to predict which features will be delivered at what time. And we are done with building out slides and other documents to share our roadmap. Using the Aha! notebook feature, we can select which views of our roadmap to securely publish and share with our organization at the push of a button. It's so easy! Aha! gives us what we were looking for to guide our technology development towards the cutting edge for our international customers.

Life is good

Aha! has really jump started our technology planning and development. Using Aha! we have a better handle on the entire product development roadmapping process. In Aha! we have a place to clearly define our product and its features and requirements. All updates are clearly documented and visible to the entire team. This puts us all on the same page and saves time by making time-consuming back and forth communications unnecessary. We can clearly see the "why", "what" and even "how" of product development in real time. This means that product features and their releases are more controlled and better understood by everyone -- including our non-technical team members. With the strong Aha! integration capabilities with engineering systems like Jira and Pivotal Tracker, IT is also on the same page. IT can see where we are and what is needed and they can easily communicate where they are and what is completed. With Aha! in place, we have moved our technology planning and development from idea to realization.

Aha! has energized and revitalized all of our product planning and development. Thank you, Aha!

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The world's #1 roadmap software
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