We used Aha! to rework our strategic planning process

Kristin Davis

Product Operations

We had a problem

We manage a large portfolio of creative products and services. Previously, our roadmaps were managed in different formats and locations. This made it difficult to show how our plans aligned to our strategic goals. It was also challenging to manage cross-product dependencies. We also lacked a consistent way to capture ideas and requests. It was tough to decide which features would deliver the biggest business impact. We needed to give leadership visibility so they could understand team dependencies and set priorities.

Aha! as a solution

Aha! provides a quick and easy way to manage our product ideas and strategic planning information. We can collect ideas, assess their strategic fit, and funnel them into the backlog. We also use the integration with Jira to share information with the development team.

Aha! makes our roadmapping process transparent. We now have a clear framework for making product decisions that everyone can easily access and understand.

We use Aha! to create a variety of roadmaps. This makes it easier to communicate our strategy, portfolio, and feature plans with other teams. Now, we can show how initiatives map to organizational goals so we can ensure that the actual work ties to the strategy. We can also coordinate cross-team activities and drill into the details of each deliverable.

Life is good

We use Aha! to manage our strategic planning information. This allows leadership to set the direction and establish priorities. We also capture the business value of each initiative in Aha! so that we can provide visibility into our KPIs.

Having a centralized location for our product roadmaps makes it easier to coordinate the execution. We use Aha! during quarterly planning sessions to share requirements and identify dependencies. This has improved cross-functional visibility. We can see what each team is working on and collaborate to meet delivery dates.

Aha! is the foundation for how we capture, build, and communicate our product plans. It aligns our teams around a shared set of goals so that we can deliver against our strategy.

We continuously improve our processes in Aha! as we refine our product management approach. We value the openness of the Aha! team in allowing customers to share ideas for improving the application and look forward to future enhancements.