Aha! allows our teams to get the most current information

Dr. Craig Pinhorne-Smy

Product owner

We had a problem

We needed a cohesive process and flow of information between our product and development teams. But as most product teams know, this is far easier said than done. The truth is that most tools are not built with this need in mind. This made it very hard for folks on both teams to sync up and stay on the same page.

It was tough for us to keep our own, disparate product teams on track as well. We noticed nuances start to emerge between groups with different product management procedures and practices. This extended to differences in how material is stored, displayed, accessed, etc. These product teams lacked a unified workflow — and that quickly led to different teams having different priorities.

Finally, our product management division produces a lot of reports for diverse audiences — including senior management. We needed a tool that would enable us to stop spending hours editing these reports for whichever group needs to see them.

Aha! as a solution

Aha! really is the product management one-stop shop that we needed. The tool’s integration with Visual Studio is a lifesaver for us. Our development team relies on it for its own projects. The fact that our product teams can do their planning in Aha! and then use the integration to send it to development streamlines everyone’s work.

Aha! facilitates a one-stop shop for our global product management function. Who wouldn’t want that?

Aha! is now the standard tool used across all products and product teams. This is largely due to the reports and notebook functionality. Any screen or view within Aha! can be saved and added to a notebook. Our product teams can create as many notebooks as needed and customize each one for its audience.

Life is good

Aha! reduced duplication effort of recording development feature items and other artifacts. Instead, it allows multiple teams and team members to easily get the most current information. In the process, everyone gains a stronger understanding of how our strategy cascades into goals, features, and initiatives.

Aha! helps everyone in our organization think like a product manager. There is more empathy, understanding, and insight across our whole company thanks to bringing Aha! on board.

And thanks to Aha! reports and notebooks, we can make sure the information in them is consistent across the business. This results in decisions across all teams being made with more confidence and clarity.