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Fibroblast Aha! Moment

Clearly, a lot of good customer development and solution design went into Aha! The net result is a product management tool that fulfills all of our needs in one location.

Kate Smith, VP of Product

About Fibroblast

Fibroblast is a patient referral management platform that fixes the broken referral process by empowering healthcare providers with the tools they need to actively manage referrals. By closing the referral loop, Fibroblast eliminates network leakage, and maps referral patterns in real time. Fibroblast increases revenue for fee-for-service organizations, lowers risk for accountable care organizations and integrated delivery networks, and improves patient experiences.

We had a problem

We were having difficulty tying strategy back to product features in a way that was accessible to everyone in the organization. We also needed a better way to manage and communicate releases at the feature level — and manage that feature workflow in the context of an agile framework.

Aha! as a solution

We now rely on Aha! to create transparency across the organization. We use Aha! notebooks to ensure that everyone is up to date on our strategy and roadmap in real time. And we are able to manage our releases in a consistent way using the feature board.

Life is good

We now have a location to house all our product management information, instead of having information and work scattered across disparate tools and documents. We have found that Aha! is additive — not disruptive — to our existing development workflow in Jira.

Being able to share strategic and detail views in Aha! that speak to both business and technical teams saves me time — and saves me from having to be the communication go-between!

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