Aha! has helped our product management team get on a roll

Chad Bercea

Head of Product & Design

We had a problem

We had to face it. In a word, we were LOST. We had never created a product roadmap from scratch before. We had no idea what the next move should be. The more we thought about it, the more questions came to mind. We had a clear strategy but really did not know how to map a roadmap against it or plan for releases. And when something changed we were not sure how to track the impact of the changes and make the necessary adjustments to the roadmap. Sure, we had the ideas, the talent and creativity, but what we needed was the method, the process, and the framework to get us from the idea to the product and customer experience.

Aha! as a solution

We didn’t know where to start! Now Aha! is our trusty guide through the world of product roadmapping. Using the Aha! dashboard, we never have to guess. It has prompts that explain the concepts and keeps us moving along.

I love Aha! because it is a tool focused on enabling me to be truly agile. Finally, I can plan and manage my product roadmap in one system.

We never feel stuck on anything because Aha! helps us keep flowing forward. Everything automatically updates as we work through the roadmapping process and everyone stays in sync and on point. The Aha! Publish feature generates fully updated, fantastic looking PDFs that we share with the team and with stakeholders. Moreover, the visual data that is generated via the features, releases and timeline allows us to step back and see the holistic impact of any changes we make across the product plan. Aha! propels us from great ideas to great products.

Life is good

Aha! answers all our product roadmapping questions intuitively as it moves us through the product development. It gives us the guidance, structure and features to get our own ideas into a format that will get the product built. Now the product management team is on a roll. We are building actual products using a well defined product roadmap for the first time! Using Aha! we can define everything from the market position all the way down to the requirements for a modal. Love it!

Aha! is the vehicle that puts us in the driver’s seat of product development.

And with the Aha! Jira integration, when we manage one system, the other auto updates keeping engineering and everyone in sync across the entire product development process. Sharing is easy and the graphics are amazing and accessible to anyone we choose. We don't have to just say "Open Beta is hitting on Oct 3rd," we can SHOW everyone a colored bar representing the timeline. Even our non-technical team loves that they can share a vetted roadmap with potential customers and investors. Aha! speaks to and works for the entire product team.