Aha! made it possible for us to innovate faster

Kfir Tabak

Product Lifecycle Manager

We had a problem

We deliver an ecosystem of 3D printing technologies that includes printers, materials, software, services, and on-demand parts production. We have solutions for different industries and manufacturing needs. This creates a lot of complexity for our product team to manage. Previously, we stored our product documentation — including roadmaps, feature plans, and manufacturing requirements — in Microsoft Word and Excel files. This made it difficult to share information. It was also hard to show the link between the overall company strategy and the actual work being done.

We also lacked standard product management processes and templates. We wanted a better way to organize our information, connect strategy with execution, and increase visibility across the organization.

Aha! as a solution

Aha! provides one place to define our strategy and create an execution plan. This ensures that everything ties together. The ability to see the complete picture also helps us make better prioritization decisions.

Our product information is now well organized and easy to access. We have standard templates for defining features and manufacturing requirements. And we all follow the same planning process. This allows us to define best practices for building successful products.

Aha! makes traditional product management a thing of the past. It provides a modern, cloud-based approach that allows us to move at the speed of innovation.

Aha! brings a new level of visibility to our company. We can easily share product information using Aha! notebooks as secure web pages or PDF files. We can also give stakeholders view-only access to Aha! This allows them to check updates whenever they want.

Life is good

Aha! has changed the way we set product strategy. We can now show how every feature links to the overall line of business and company strategy. This gives us better organizational alignment and allows us to move faster.

3D printing is revolutionizing the manufacturing industry. Aha! allows us to define what is possible so we can deliver new technologies to help our customers innovate.

Aha! provides a strong foundation for defining and building successful solutions. We now follow a best-practice approach that elevates the value our team provides to the organization.