Aha! pulls the team together and keeps everyone in sync

Heather S

Director, Technical Product Management

We had a problem

We were starting product roadmapping from scratch in our organization. Being the first commercial product division in a large government integrator, we were a completely new venture. In the past, we never needed nor had true product management before our division was created. This meant that we had no best practices in place. To add to that, our entire product management team was new to the company and the existing development teams were resistant to change.

Another very real challenge was pulling together a team from five different acquisitions who worked on four different networks in more than five different locations around the globe. We desperately needed a product strategy and roadmap framework and tool that would help get everyone on the team in sync and make us more productive.

Aha! as a solution

We found Aha! and were blown away. Aha! is an amazing solution for us. It is great at facilitating a good product management process, especially for an inexperienced team. Aha! has the perfect set of features that are intuitive and make sense. We find that it has everything we need, but is still easy to use. It has streamlined our work and the feature request process is simple. Anyone inside or outside the company can enter a request via an idea portal and be informed of its progress as it moves through the roadmap. And when the product management team is ready for engineering to start working on the features for a release, we use the built in Atlassian Jira connector.

I’ve looked at a lot of Product Management tools and Aha! is the only one that works for true and effective product management roadmap planning.

Using the Aha! to Jira integration keeps all of our planning information in one place and allows us to work with multiple, distributed engineering teams. Aha! has brought much needed cohesion and organization to a very disparate team and has helped us do our product development work -- simply and beautifully.

Life is good

Aha! spoke to all our needs. Aha! fills a gap in the product development lifecycle where few solutions exist and no other solution does it well. Other tools we’ve tried are way too complex and hard to use. Aha! is comprehensive, yet easy to get started with and put into use. The integration with tools like Jira and Slack create seamless, end-to-end workflow and communication.

No one does product roadmapping like Aha! does.

Aha! gave us a product management process and helped us define and put best practices in place. And it was a snap to implement. It pulled together the whole team and we are now in sync and using the same processes and tool. All of our info is in one place. That’s pretty good for one of the world’s largest systems integrators.