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GameDesire Aha! Moment

With Aha! our product owners have the right tool to do their work in a transparent and convenient manner.

Artur Staszczyk, VP Engineering

About GameDesire

GameDesire has been among the leading European free-to-play social games developers for years. We design multiplayer games for the global audience. Game titles are available on iOS, Android, and desktop. Our games are also synchronised across platforms, allowing players to switch seamlessly between devices and platforms and continue their game anytime and on any device. Our users are a source of constant inspiration and development — we take great pride in bringing joy daily to millions of players around the world!

We had a problem

For some time we struggled with finding a good tool for roadmap creation. Having a backlog to work with the development team is important, but being able to present it clearly to all of the stakeholders is something completely different. Our product owners previously used a tool that was very unintuitive and difficult to operate.

Staying on the same page is difficult enough with one product. Managing a portfolio of projects is challenging, especially if you have to coordinate all development efforts with marketing plans.

In our company transparency is one of our key values — everything we communicate must be clear and specific. Previously we had no tool that was convenient to use and would allow us to present product roadmaps and strategy to different audiences.

Aha! as a solution

We searched for a good product management tool for quite some time. After trying Aha! we decided it’s the right choice for us. The ability to review plans of different products on a single screen is extremely helpful. With just one glance you are able to assess potential risks on each product’s development across the portfolio. Also, with all the actions, links, and buttons placed just where you need them, it is very easy to use.

We no longer need to copy and paste text or navigate through dozens of pages to find what’s important. The ability to integrate Aha! with other tools is also one of its greatest advantages. Jira was already one of our core development tools and Aha! seems like a natural extension.

Life is good

The greatest benefit of Aha! is that it saves time for our product owners. They no longer need to fight with the tool, but can use it intuitively. The time saved can be used on more important things, like market research. And we can now clearly see the development plans and easily orchestrate marketing efforts according to them.

Aha! comes with the flexibility we need. It’s perfect for both communicating strategy and planning roadmaps.

Aha! is the world's #1 roadmap software
The world's #1 roadmap software
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