Aha! has created much faster turnaround times for our team

John Paugh

Associate Director, IS Project Management Office

We had a problem

One of our main challenges at HNL was an inability to display portfolio data in an easy to understand and maintainable format. It was difficult to get product managers to enter data into tools that were complicated — and even harder to adopt those tools company-wide. As a result, release details and future enhancements were kept in different tools that varied by project.

Aha! as a solution

The portfolio view in Aha! quickly solved our challenge, allowing us to display all portfolio data in a digestible format. After a few brief training sessions, most of the team was able to pick up Aha! fairly easily — making adoption of a single tool a smooth process.

Aha! gives product managers the ability to quickly add, modify, and share project release and feature information with the rest of the business.

And by using the parking lot as a central repository for future enhancements, we were able to eliminate the need for other tools like Excel and PowerPoint.

Life is good

We now have faster turnaround time for product management tasks, such as logging daily or weekly updates.

Since you can display information in multiple visual formats, Aha! eliminates the need for other software tools. There are plenty of additional use cases and features that we have not explored yet, including testing plans, requirements, to-do lists, and more.

Aha! has also provided more compelling displays of release activity, which is beneficial for senior management presentations and reporting.