Aha! allowed us to operate with greater transparency

Nicole M. Miller

VP Product

We had a problem

Our product team tried to do too much with too little in the past. Multiple products, infrastructure development, and new markets were all tracked via one single roadmap. This gave our team and stakeholders an unclear picture of our progress towards key goals and initiatives. The final straw came when we confirmed that we could not tie different aspects of our vision, goals, initiatives, epics, and stories together. This realization — which came before a key presentation — taught us that we needed a tool to help us easily show progress, goals, and capacity.

Aha! as a solution

Aha! has been the tool that unites our daily tasks to the big picture of what CarePayment is building. It empowers us to have all products and product managers working in one unified solution. This allows our whole product team to prioritize goals and initiatives — and pivot them as needed. We are an agile company that is focused on fulfilling a bigger mission. Aha! allows us to adapt our processes as needed without losing progress towards lofty goals and initiatives.

Aha! has organized and simplified our product planning process across multiple product lines and eliminated roadmap confusion.

The notebook feature in Aha! has saved our product team hours of time. Having visuals, charts, and graphs that can be easily exported makes a huge difference. It gives our stakeholders renewed confidence in what we are building. And it helps our team understand why we prioritize certain features and ideas over others. The data segmentation in Aha! through custom fields, tags, and workflows reinforces this sense of focus.

Life is good

It is very hard (read: impossible) to track progress towards goals using several different tools. The transparency that Aha! brings to our work is unprecedented. It shows our progress and traction towards initiatives in real time. The result is a complete trail of all ideas, initiatives, and roadmap work. Then, we can adjust that trail as needed by presenting custom versions of our roadmap to each audience that needs to see it.

Aha! is our single source of product truth! We cannot imagine moving forward without it.

Product leaders know that much of our job involves offering clarity. This is not bad in itself — but it does take time away from other crucial tasks, like defining product strategy and building the roadmap. Our team used to get peppered with questions about all of these things — and without a clear way to show our progress, these questions went largely unanswered. Aha! allows anyone involved with our products to gain the visibility they need. Most importantly, it empowers our team and stakeholders to answer their own questions.