Aha! gave us a place to review and prioritize product ideas

Per Risberg

Senior Product Manager

We had a problem

Our product team works very closely with sales. We see them as a key customer lifeline, and rely on their insights to improve our product. However, we always struggled to find an efficient way for our teams to communicate and collaborate in real time. In the past, we tried using various tools to gather new product ideas from our sales team. The results were not impressive. The ideas that we received were not well organized — but they were difficult to search and offered no integrated response method. This meant that those who had submitted ideas never knew what happened to them after the fact. There was also no way to identify the most popular ideas and cohesively organize submitted ideas. We needed a tool that could enhance collaboration between our teams. That is where Aha! came in.

Aha! as a solution

Our sales team now has an Aha! Ideas Portal where they submit ideas in an organized manner. Salespeople create ideas using a template so that our product team can capture all the information we need. This includes information on the idea itself; how it will enhance our product and business; the salesperson’s insights; and any other helpful information.

Our sales team has confidence that their ideas are heard and valued. And our product team can build more of what customers love. Aha! is a win-win for all of us.

As each salesperson creates their idea, relevant ideas that have already been submitted appear in real time. This lets them know that their idea might have already been submitted; if so, they can simply upvote that idea and be notified if it is promoted to a feature. Or, they can proceed with creating their idea.

Life is good

The Ideas Portal helps us review and prioritize new product ideas. The category information helps us route each new idea submission to the appropriate product manager. The voting option is also a useful tool. It helps us crowdsource the most popular ideas and prioritize those that will have the greatest business impact. Ideas that are promoted to Features are easily transferred from the Ideas Portal onto our product roadmap.

The Aha! support team is committed to the principles of their Responsive Method. It makes our own product management so much more efficient.

But of all these benefits, the biggest one for our team is how easily we can communicate. Every time a product manager changes an idea’s status or makes a comment, that idea’s submitter and subscribers are notified via email.