How Aha! helps us stay informed of customer requests

Alan Price

CTO, Vision Critical

We had a problem

Our product management team includes several product managers — each focused on a different product component. Our commitment to customer centricity means we are constantly looking to source product ideas from our customers. Previously, we used surveys to gather customer feedback. This made it difficult for customers to see what ideas were popular. It also meant that ideas were sometimes duplicated and had to be manually combined for analysis. This made the idea management process seem like a black box. It was difficult for customers to understand how prioritization decisions were made. We wanted to streamline the submission process, improve transparency and engagement, and simplify analysis.

Aha! as a solution

Aha! enables customers to submit ideas in a centralized place and view the status of requests and their popularity in real time. This makes it easy to gather ongoing feedback and encourages customers to participate in deciding the direction of our platform. The ability to vote and comment on other ideas lets us quickly identify trending features and understand what our customers want.

The ideas portal makes it easy to categorize and prioritize requests. We now have a clearly defined workflow process for deciding which ideas to promote to features. We also love that users who submit and subscribe to ideas are automatically notified when the status changes.

Aha! streamlines the process of collecting ideas and helps us understand what problems our customers want us to solve next.

We use the integration with Slack to notify the product management team as soon as a new idea is added. This allows us to respond quickly to customers in a direct and meaningful way. Once an idea is promoted to a feature, we work closely with customers to further define their needs.

Life is good

Aha! improves the way customers submit ideas. We are now able to gather input from a broader group of users — and show that their feedback matters. This gives us a deep understanding of their needs and helps us make informed prioritization decisions.

Our product management team is energized to work on customer-driven features. And customers appreciate the visibility they now have into the progress of requests.

Our roadmap has always been driven by customer value. Now we can involve our user community even more deeply in the feature prioritization process.