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pymetrics Aha! Moment

Aha! is the only product management tool I have seen that entire companies can use. It tailors its functionality to the degree of detail you would like, and allows business teams — all the way up to the CEO — to communicate on the same platform as the engineers.

Matthew Malter Cohen, Head of Enterprise Product

About pymetrics

An MIT/HBS startup, pymetrics uses neuroscience games and data science to revolutionize career assessment and predictive hiring. Just like an online dating platform, we match students with companies using proprietary algorithms. Used by over 150 schools nationwide and employers ranging from Fortune 100s to startups, pymetrics ideally matches candidates to careers and companies. Our algorithms are five to 10 times more predictive than resume review or questionnaires. Critically, all algorithms are gender and ethnic bias-free, making them a front-line tool to mitigate unconscious bias in career choice and hiring. Think blind auditions for careers and companies!

We had a problem

We had no way to succinctly visualize the product roadmap in a fashion where it could enable planning the solution — instead of just simply visualizing it. We had no system to collaborate with the engineers and data scientists on the team. And we had trouble translating the business needs into what should be built — and keeping track of what was getting dropped or lost.

Aha! as a solution

The releases roadmap is amazing for visualizing how and when your product will be released, including the ability to add dependencies in a seamless fashion. We now have a fantastic system that lets engineers and data scientists know what they should be working on and how that work fits in. Marketing uses Aha! as well, since they often block or are dependent upon product releases.

Life is good

Aha! has great tools to give people external to the company a view of your product development lifecycle that exposes as much or as little info as you’d like. And you have flexibility over sharing — either through permissions, PDF downloads, or web pages. We have significantly fewer overlooked issues and can seamlessly translate business needs into releases and features through a weekly meeting with product.

Aha! has amazing integrations and seems to be building out a lot more at a fast pace. People can have as granular or as big picture a view of our product development as they would like — and Aha! has enhanced communication across product and engineering teams.

Aha! is the world's #1 roadmap software
The world's #1 roadmap software
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