Aha! enables us to tie development work back to strategy

David Burton

VP Product Development and Cloud Operations

We had a problem

We have a lot going on, which is of course fantastic! The problem was that we needed to better organize all the great things that were happening. We needed help planning and managing our large product development portfolio and wanted to start by defining our company vision and strategic initiatives. We needed to align our product strategy across six development tracks. It was super challenging and we needed help! We were looking for a product roadmapping solution that would be easy to use for every department. It had to allow us to document our company vision, initiatives and product requirements and track our feature development and releases in real time. We were hoping to be more transparent with our plans and get everyone in sync.

Aha! as a solution

Aha! is the product development roadmapping solution we were looking for! It is a great solution across the board for everyone here at Certain, and it really meets all the criteria we were looking for to get our product development portfolio in order. We love being able to document our vision and corporate initiatives and to tie releases and features to them. Aha! gives us the ability to create a hierarchy of product lines and products and then “stripe" across them using initiatives. This is amazing because it allows us to visualize our strategic objectives and map them to our releases across a timeline and a chart.

Aha! is a spectacular product from a company that really understands strategizing, planning, and managing a portfolio. It’s so easy to use, intuitive and just the right fit for what we are trying to do.

With the Jira integration, Aha! keeps our engineers working in their platform and at the same time, keeps everyone on the same page. Since Aha! is easy to use and intuitive, it was quickly adopted by all departments – Finance, Marketing, Product Management and Engineering. Aha! is definitely the right fit for us!

Life is good

Bring it on! With Aha! in place we are organized and in sync. Aha! gives us the ability to see our entire product development portfolio laid out on a clear, organized timeline. We have the ability to tie strategy initiatives to what is being developed. This sets everyone in the right direction.

Aha! is the roadmapping tool that helps us do what we do — and be better at it!

We use the incredible organizational structure available to us in Aha! to find common release dates amongst our six plus development tracks. More is better! Because Aha! makes roadmapping clear and collaborative we have buy in on our product plans from all departments and engineering could not be happier. Aha! understands strategizing, planning and managing a portfolio and it really solves our portfolio planning and management issues.