How we increased productivity and transparency using Aha!

David Behr

Group Director Special Operations

We had a problem

Liquid Telecom operates in more than a dozen African countries across several timezones and reporting lines. We lacked a centralized platform for all of our product management work. As a result, we had no place to track high-level strategy and connect it to product development progress across teams.

It was even more difficult for us to manage ideas. Employees had suggestions for how our product planning processes could be improved. But we did not have a dedicated place to gather these ideas. We needed a way to make their voices heard and seamlessly incorporate their feedback.

Aha! as a solution

Since Aha! is a SaaS tool, our teams can easily access it no matter where they are located. Now we define strategic objectives and key results in Aha! and each team ties them back to their high-level deliverables.

And the ideas portal is a lifesaver. It provides a unified place where all employees can submit ideas about how to improve product management processes. Our internal ideas portal gives everyone a chance to share their insights, voice their opinions, and vote on the ideas they think will add the most strategic value.

Aha! provides our large organization a central place to perform every essential product management activity — from strategy definition, to ideas management, to release planning.

Everyone uses Aha! reports and presentations to communicate progress. We can create as many reports and presentations as we need — then tailor each one depending on the audience. They are then instantly updated in real time. This means each product stakeholder is now on the same page about important plans. Similarly with reports, we can see what is scheduled for each release and where we should be directing more energy.

Life is good

We noticed an increase in productivity as soon as we started using Aha! Our team instantly understood why we were working on certain product development initiatives. And everyone feels like their voice is heard when it comes to improving our processes.

Aha! saves our team from hours of tedious report creation and manual updates. And all of our product data is always current. This keeps us all on the same path to success.

Our team is more unified than ever before. And our product management has never been more succinct.

All roads in Aha! lead back to our product strategy — which is easily visible and sharable. Now team members have a reliable source of truth to reference. And they can find exactly what they need when questions arise.