Aha! helped us better communicate work to stakeholders

Nic Mendoza

Cofounder & Senior Director of Product

We had a problem

We didn’t have an easy way to share an up to date visualization of our roadmap with the team. It was hard to hold onto the full scope of our initiatives (a term we didn’t even know we needed), which made prioritizing them exceedingly difficult. It is sometimes hard, as a product manager, to remember that everything we prioritize should tie back to organizational goals. Especially when an exciting new idea suddenly emerges.

Aha! as a solution

Roadmap visualizations in Aha! are now a key part of our high-level planning meetings — and the primary tool we use to share what we are doing with stakeholders.

Aha! is the best tool we’ve found that allows us to do our product planning and reporting, from a 30,000-foot view all the way down to the nitty-gritty details.

To maintain an overall picture of everything we’re working on, we reference initiatives in our planning meetings — so we can decide where new ideas fit. Now when a new idea is introduced, it is straightforward to decide where it fits within the rest of our plans.

Life is good

Having a template to fill out to enshrine our goals, and an easy way to link initiatives and features to those goals, makes it a lot easier to ensure that we are only working on things that move the needle on our most important goals.

We tie new initiatives and features back to goals in Aha! whenever possible. Now our highest-level planning meetings are about refining our goals — and our more tactical planning meetings have documented guiding principles.

Integration with Jira made adopting the tool super simple. The team at Aha! has been very helpful providing tips and tricks to use Aha! effectively for our organization.