How we better understand customer needs using Aha!

Jason Zucchetto

Product Manager

We had a problem

Over the past few years, our community has grown hugely. And with that growth comes an increasing number of uses for Webflow. With 500,000 users we saw everything from building full production sites to prototyping sites to various use cases for creating forms, building animations, and CMS interactions.

Webflow is lucky to have a very active forum. And our users are very passionate about our product! The product team relied on reading our forums to judge the popularity of various feature requests. But the “wishlist” category on our forum had outgrown the volume of community input. In addition, that community input was also coming in from many other channels as well, including support tickets, social media, and emails.Without a public tracking system, every employee had to remember to duplicate customer issues as internal tracking issues. It was all too easy for some feature requests to get lost in the noise.

We knew we needed a centralized and better organized system so that we could track and collect feature requests, find and merge duplicates, and provide timely feedback.

Aha! as a solution

We decided to phase out our forum’s “wishlist” category in favor of an Aha! ideas portal — we call it the Webflow Wishlist — and embedded it within our Help Center site.

We migrated some of the top requests from the forum to the new Wishlist site. We also integrated with our users’ account login, so they won’t need to create a new account. Everyone can just use their existing Webflow account to start adding, voting, and commenting on ideas.

We were able to easily deploy an Aha! ideas portal for Webflow users to rank their top feature requests. In the past, we relied on our internal forums for determining the importance of various feature requests.

Now, the product team can look to a single source of truth to gauge the popularity of individual feature requests and to respond quickly to our community’s ideas. We use the Slack integration and push every Aha! ideas action (such as a new submission or comment) to an internal Slack channel.

Life is good

We now easily triage new feature requests from the Webflow Wishlist. We clarify new requests from users, judge the popularity of requests, merge existing requests, and classify those requests into categories.

This is just the first of many improvements we are making to bring more transparency to our development process and to create a community-driven product roadmap.

We now have a better understanding of and empathy for our customers’ needs. And with Aha! as our single source of truth, we are able to use that time we once spent gathering ideas from multiple channels to quickly reach out to groups of users interested in a specific feature.