Aha! helps us prioritize what's important and stay on track

Dean Young

Head of Product Management

We had a problem

eWise is an international business. We needed an effective and efficient way for key product management stakeholders in the US, Europe, and Asia to collaborate around our roadmap. Working across continents and time zones was cumbersome – especially without one tool to keep us organized. We were managing multiple versions of the product roadmap and requirement documents in Excel, PowerPoint, Jira, and Microsoft Word. As a result, we struggled to establish release priorities; define key requirements and features; and manage progress. Ideas got lost, time was wasted, and releases were delayed.

Aha! as a solution

We are now able to track and communicate releases throughout our international team. The Features and Requirements features are also a huge help. These allow us to create the product requirements roadmap for upcoming releases and keep track of requirement backlogs.

Our workflow improved as soon as we began to use Aha! Using one software system, we could finally create and depict release timelines, ownership, and milestones.

Finally, Jira integration helps us communicate and collaborate with the Development team by automating the integration of the features and requirements directly with Jira. This allows our development and testing teams to work from requirements directly defined in Aha.

Life is good

Aha! saves us a lot of time from having to create regular status reports for internal and external stakeholder meetings. The UX in Aha! is extremely well thought out and suitable for collaboration with management stakeholders. This helps us keep the status of features and requirements up to date in real time. Aha! also helps us ask the right questions when considering features and requirements. The release capability helps us determine whether proposed goals will achieve the right initiatives.

Aha! gives us the ability to support a well defined framework and process for managing the product.

Thanks to Aha! we can visually see when releases are over capacity. This helps us prioritize and stay on track to achieve what’s most important for each release. And moving forward, we will use Aha! to crowdsource ideas from our internal staff. Once we vote on ideas that will enhance our product, we plan to open the Idas portal to external stakeholders. We are confident that this process will improve eWise.