How Aha! enabled us to spend more time on what matters

Erik Skurka

Senior Product Manager

We had a problem

Product managers have few tools built for them. As a result, we often end up using far too many. Historically, our product team used Excel and Google Docs to manage summaries and detailed roadmaps. As you can imagine, this often got messy. It was almost impossible to keep these documents up to date. Even worse was the lack of capacity planning and stakeholder visibility. Using these tools meant that executives could not easily see the work we were completing in real time. Finally, neither Excel nor Google Docs had Jira integrations. This meant working in a different tool from what engineering used, and having to closely manage both.

Aha! as a solution

It is amazing to have all aspects of product planning in the same place. The ability to work on idea collection and management end-to-end in the same tool as roadmapping simplifies everything. Once we are ready to present these plans to stakeholders, Aha! notebooks make them easy to publish via the Web and shareable PDFs.

We love Aha because of its powerful capabilities around publishing roadmaps for both internal and external users all from the same artifacts.

This way, we can present everything related to roadmap and product strategy. The Jira integration is also essential. Now, we can easily implement end-to-end visibility through delivery.

Life is good

It is often painful to help teams adopt a new tool. We haven’t had that problem this time. Aha! is easy to use and navigate, which meant dealing with few growing pains. And now that we are all up and running, our team is able to work more efficiently than ever before.

Aha! has revolutionized our product planning. We can’t wait to see what we accomplish with it.

Prior to Aha! our product team spent about 10% of its time just managing documents. Now, we can spend our time planning and building what our customers want while keeping everyone involved on the same page.