How Aha! keeps our product plans on track

Sejal Bogdon

Product Manager

We had a problem

Product requirements. Design assets. Customer feedback. These are just a few examples of the product management information that was previously scattered across disparate locations. We struggled to keep track of everything. It was hard to establish a consistent process for vetting requests, prioritizing features, and building a strategic roadmap.

We wanted a better way to organize our work. It was vital to bring all of our planning information into one system. We also needed a way to incorporate employee insights directly into our roadmap. Finally, selecting a solution that integrates seamlessly with Jira was essential for keeping our product and engineering teams in sync.

Aha! as a solution

We now manage our entire product planning process in Aha! — from capturing ideas to managing releases and reporting on progress. We love the ability to track everything in one place.

Aha! is a complete solution for maintaining our strategy, features, and requirements. It provides full transparency into our product plans across the company.

Our planning process starts with defining our vision, goals and initiatives. This provides a strategic framework for determining what to build and when. Using a private ideas portal makes it easy to gather requests from employees. We can quickly evaluate which ones to implement right away and which ones need further consideration.

The Jira integration is critical to our everyday workflow. We define what we want to build in Aha! and then send features to engineering for implementation. The two-way flow between systems keeps everyone in sync — and we no longer waste time duplicating information.

Life is good

Aha! is foundational to the way we plan and manage product development. Strategy definition, idea management, and feature prioritization are now seamlessly linked in one place. This keeps everyone aligned on the priorities and helps us balance stakeholder needs with customer requests so we can deliver the most business value.

Powerful reporting capabilities create a new level of transparency. We can now share our plans in real time and show how we are progressing against them. From high-level goals down to individual features, we can also communicate the right level of detail for each audience.

We work together more efficiently and effectively than ever before. The entire company is aligned around a clear vision and we are able to consistently deliver against our plans.

It is comforting to know that Aha! is always delivering new functionality to help product managers. The speed at which product enhancements are released is the fastest I have ever seen. And if we ever have questions, we know the Customer Success team will quickly take care of us. This level of service helps our own team keep moving forward.