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Aha! helps our team encourage product feedback that can help us fine tune our roadmap. The ideas portal makes it much easier for us to interact with our customers’ ideas. It also creates another open channel of communication for our customers.

Daniella Conrique, Customer Success Manager


At, our team of customer service and technology experts is building the next generation of customer service software. Our goal is to give companies the tools they need to delight their customers at enterprise scale. We want to win the customer service software market by providing companies — and their customers — with tools that are powerful and simple to use.

We had a problem

Our goal at is to perfect customer service. So, we want to build a roadmap that takes our customers’ voices into account. To make this happen, we need a tool that allows us to easily communicate with them. And it is important that this tool empowers customers to create their own ideas alongside voting and commenting on ideas that others submit. Finally, we need the tool to let us leave admin comments on these ideas. This lets our customers know that we are reviewing their suggestions.

Aha! as a solution

The Aha! ideas portal is exactly what we needed. It was simple to set up and allows our customers to see which ideas we are considering. Customers can add their own ideas, comment on or upvote other ideas, and receive status notifications via email. All of this boosts transparency and reinforces our promise to listen.

Our team can track idea feedback, attach categories and tags, and change an idea’s status — all from right within Aha! And once an idea gains enough votes, our team can choose collectively whether we should promote it to a feature. Since all of us work within the same tool, this process is much easier than it was in the past.

Life is good

Aha! allows us to easily track suggestions based on votes. These numbers are quantifiable — they give us a concrete idea of how many customers want certain features. Aha! also lets our customers know that we are actively reviewing their feedback. This has increased their trust in us tremendously. We used to manage ideas in a private Trello board. Our customers had no clue what we were working on, which ideas we were pursuing, or whether their ideas would see the light of day. Aha! allows us to have open conversations with them.

We pursued Aha! for its ideas portal. But we know that its roadmap capabilities will be a huge asset for us in the near future. Its robust offerings can help us visualize how we will develop our Chat tool and other software that we're working on. In combination with our ideas board, we can develop a roadmap that will account for what most of our customers need.

Two-way feedback matters deeply to our team. Aha! empowers us to speak with our customers and include them in our product development.

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The world's #1 roadmap software
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