How we increased trust with clients by using Aha!

Daniella Conrique

Customer Success Manager

We had a problem

Our goal at is to perfect customer service. So naturally, we wanted to find the best way to capture what our customers need and incorporate their feedback directly into our product roadmap. Previously, we used a private Trello board to manage ideas. This meant that our customers had no visibility into which ideas were likely to be implemented — if at all.

We wanted an open place for customers to submit their own ideas and vote or comment on existing ones. We also needed a better way to review the intake of suggestions, decide which ones to implement, and keep customers informed of the status.

Aha! as a solution

We now use an Aha! ideas portal to manage customer feedback and requests. It was simple to set up and we love all the branding and customization options. Creating a public portal empowers all of our customers to add new ideas and see what others are asking for. And anyone can see the status of ideas, including which ones are planned, which ones are in progress, and which ones we will not implement. This approach boosts transparency and reinforces our promise to listen and respond to what customers are asking for.

Now our customers are encouraged to share feedback. These insights help us fine tune the product roadmap so we can deliver exactly what they want.

An ideas portal creates an open channel of communication. Our entire team can now interact more easily with customers and build a deeper understanding of their needs. We can efficiently manage ideas, assign categories and tags, and update the status — all from a centralized location. Once an idea gains enough votes, we determine whether to promote it to our roadmap.

Life is good

Managing all of our customers' ideas and requests in one tool streamlines the entire process. We can now easily track the popularity of suggestions based on the number of votes. This gives us a quantifiable way to assess why customers want a certain feature and determine the business value.

We now review and respond to every idea. And customers appreciate receiving automatic status notifications via email. They know that we are listening and responding to their suggestions. This has significantly increased the level of trust with our customers.

Aha! empowers us to speak directly with our customers, including their feedback in our product development process. This two-way conversation helps us better understand — and empathize — with their needs.

We initially pursued Aha! for idea management. But the roadmap capabilities are also a huge asset for us. We can now build a visual product roadmap that aligns with what our customers need and shows when we will deliver on our promise.