Aha! Develop + Zendesk

Resolve customer issues faster

Streamline the way you escalate support issues from Customer Success to engineering — and let each team keep working in their tool of choice. Use the Zendesk importer extension to bring customer support tickets directly into your engineering workflow without wasting time or duplicating information.

Zendesk extension screenshot

Bring Zendesk tickets into Aha! Develop

Install the Zendesk extension from the import sidebar in Aha! Develop. Next, add the subdomain for your Zendesk account and choose from a list of saved views to browse those cases in Develop. For example, CS can create a view in Zendesk for tickets tagged as "Escalated" for engineering. Those tickets will then automatically appear in your sidebar in Develop. Now you can quickly bring those tickets into your workflow in Aha! Develop — and ensure every escalated issue is addressed.

Quickly manage escalated tickets

Track incoming issues by keeping the Zendesk importer open as you manage your work in Develop. When a new issue comes in, you can bring it directly into your workflow. Easily drag it into your backlog, workflow board, or sprint as a new user story. Each user story automatically includes the case title, description, and a direct link to the original case in Zendesk. This way you can easily jump back into Zendesk to keep support updated on your progress.