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The Features List page (also called the Activities List page in some workspace types) is an incredibly powerful tool for organizing data in your account into an accessible report for you and your team. It's also a great place to very quickly and easily answer complex questions.

Similar to the Roadmaps List page, this page is a prebuilt list report focused on the features (or activities) in your Aha! Roadmaps account. Use it to manipulate data from the hundreds of different data objects stored in Aha! Roadmaps and then organize it as a saved view, export it in various formats, or bulk edit records.

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Access your list page

To access your features or activities list report, navigate to Features List or Activities List.

Note: the Features List and Activities List pages are hidden by default for new Aha! Roadmaps accounts. If you would like to enable them, you can do so by customizing your menu navigation.

The first time you open the page, the report will load a list of features in your workspace, their type, status, score, and creation date. You can always adjust this to fit your needs.

To adjust the data in the report, click the Customize view dropdown and select Edit data. This will take you to the Add fields step of the report builder where you can add fields or record types to your report.


Customize your report

After adding all of the data columns to the list table that you want to display, you can reorganize the columns, sort the data within the columns, and rename the column headers.

To sort your data by a specific column, hover on the column header and click the More options button. Then, select from one of the sort options in the dropdown. You can also sort multiple columns by clicking the Customize view dropdown, then selecting Sort columns. This will allow you to sort columns based on multiple values, such as alphabetically by feature status and feature name.

List reports can be customized further in the following ways:

  • To reorganize the columns, click on the column header and drag it to the desired location on your report.

  • To change the name of your column headers, select the text within the column header to begin editing the name.

  • To modify the width of a column, drag the edge of the column header to the desired size.

  • To add a column, delete a column, or add a calculation column, hover on the column header, choose the More options button, then select an action.


Use the list view

Duplicate records

You may notice instances where the same feature is listed multiple times. This occurs when there are one-to-many relationships between the feature and a data column on the list. An example would be if you add requirements to the list and a feature has multiple requirements. That feature would appear multiple times — once for each requirement.

Bulk edit and bulk send records

Use the checkboxes along the lefthand side of your report to select multiple records at once. The Bulk edit features or Bulk edit activities button will appear in the top left corner of the report. Click it to open the Bulk edit modal.

You can use the Bulk edit modal to apply the same edit to multiple records or to send multiple records to the same integration at once.

Read this article for more information about bulk editing records and bulk sending records to integrations.


Use other views

After you have spent so much time adding filters to focus your list of features and epics, it is often helpful to view that same list in different formats. Use the Change view type dropdown to switch between several common views while retaining any filters you have added.

Note: Filters you add yourself will transfer to a new view. Page filters — filters associated with the original view that cannot be removed — will not appear on the new view.

Your View type options are:

  • Board: A view of all your epics and features across all your releases and parking lots.

  • List: This is your list view, a prebuilt list report of your epics and features.

  • Workflow: A kanban-style view of your initiatives, epics, features, and requirements.

  • Roadmap: The features roadmap is one of the most useful ways to visualize the progress of your epics and features.


Share your list view

To save your current view, click the Save view button in the top-right corner of the page. When you save a view, you will have the option to name it, choose who you wish to share your saved view with, and select if others can edit the view. The Views dropdown lets you access any view you have ever saved.

With your list report completed, you can easily share it with your stakeholders by selecting one of the export options under the Share button on the top-right corner of the page.

  • To fold your report into a presentation, select Add to presentation. In your presentation, you can select the report's update frequency.

  • To add your features list view to a dashboard, select Add to dashboard. Dashboards combine several Aha! Roadmaps views into one page to tell a complete story about your plans and progress.

  • To invite people outside of your Aha! Roadmaps account to view your report, select Share as webpage.

  • To export your report for further analysis, select Export to Excel or Export to CSV. You can import from CSV to update data later.

  • For a static version of your report, select Save as image or Save as PDF.


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