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Manage everything you want to accomplish today from your My Work page. Move seamlessly between managing today's tasks with to-dos, drafting product requirements and meeting agendas in notes, and creating quick mock-ups or sketching out user journeys on whiteboards, all from one central place.

The My work page in Aha! Notebooks

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Your My work page is the first thing that you see when you login to Aha! Notebooks. While you can access any document or to-do in your Aha! Notebooks account from the left side navigation, all the documents and to-dos on your My work page are associated with a specific date. When you access your My work page, you will see today's date pre-selected at the top of the page. Use the dropdown next to the date to view to-dos and documents related to a past or future date.

If you are on the Aha! Notebooks Advanced plan, use the workspace selector in the upper left your your screen to navigate to your My work page.



Break down your bigger goals into more manageable segments — create a checklist of to-dos. Your To-dos are located at the top of your your My work page. You will see your to-dos organized by what is Due today, Due this week, and Due later. Add to-dos to track deadlines, tasks, and reminders for any selected day. Then enjoy the satisfaction of checking off tasks as you complete them.

Click the + in the To-dos section to create a new to-do on your My work page.



Documents in Aha! Notebooks empower you to facilitate productive brainstorming sessions, map user journeys, record retrospectives, and much more. Create a new document from a guided template, create new note and whiteboard documents, or quickly access the documents you need for the day from your My work page.

Note: You can access all of your documents on your Documents page or from the My documents section in the left side navigation.

Guided templates

Start your day with inspiration — select a template from the Aha! template library from your My work page. The Guided template section highlights the newest templates added to Aha! Notebooks — but you can access the full Aha! template gallery by clicking the + Guided template heading.

When you add a template from your My work page, it will be populated with the date selected on your calendar automatically so it is easy for you to find later.



Notes are an essential part of organizing your thoughts and plans when it comes to your daily work. Click Note + to create a new note. It will be populated with the date selected at the top of your My work page.

Recent notes

The Recent notes section populates notes associated with the date selected on your My work page, and other notes that you have accessed recently. Add dates to meeting agendas and product plans so the the information you need is ready for you each day on your My work page.



Add a new whiteboard to visualize your thoughts whenever the inspiration hits you — create a new whiteboard from your My work page. Click Whiteboard + to create a new blank whiteboard.

Recent whiteboards

See whiteboards you have recently accessed in the Recent whiteboards — so you can easily revisit them to continue brainstorming or refining concepts.


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