Aha! Roadmaps | Set up your first integration

Aha! Roadmaps supports integrations with more than 30 different apps, from bug trackers to project management platforms, identity providers to communication platforms. The integrations you choose will infuse your strategic plans in Aha! Roadmaps with pertinent information — and allow you to send vetted features and activities over to external teams, then receive real-time updates back in Aha! Roadmaps as they are completed.

Since our most popular integration is with Jira, we'll focus on that integration in this article. But all integrations can be set up using the same process outlined below.

Once you have established the integration between Aha! Roadmaps and a development tool, you will also be able to import items (such as a backlog of user stories) into Aha! Roadmaps using the same mapping the integration required.

Configure your integration

Both account and workspace settings have integration options. Account-level integrations apply to every workspace in your account, while workspace-specific integrations will apply to just that workspace. When you click the + icon next to Integrations, you will see a list of integrations available for that level of your workspace hierarchy.

Jira is a workspace-level integration, so we will start at that level.

  1. Hover over the gear icon next to your avatar in the top-right corner of Aha! Roadmaps and select Settings ⚙️ Workspace.

  2. Click the + icon next to Integrations.

  3. Select your integration.

  4. Follow the instructions to choose your mappings.

For Jira Cloud (formerly OnDemand), you may use the default Jira integration or the Jira via Connect version. There is no difference in functionality, but it is easier to set up the Jira integration.

Integrate with Jira

Our most popular and robust integration is with Jira. This is a bi-directional integration for both Jira Server and Jira Cloud.

Configuring the Jira integration is simple. All you will need is:

  • Your Jira URL

  • A Jira username and password

  • For on-premise installations of Jira Server, you will also need to allow list IP addresses in your firewall so we can communicate to your Jira instance.

Then, add the integration through your workspace settings and walk through the setup wizard where you will be prompted to:

  • Select the project you wish to integrate with.

  • Select how your Aha! Roadmaps records map to Jira records.

  • Select how the fields within those records map together.

  • Enable the integration and add the webhook to Jira to make it a two-way workflow.

Click here for full documentation on setting up the Jira integration.

Don't use Jira? Click here to check out support documentation for additional integrations.

Getting started

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