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Ideas drive innovation. But you cannot push forward when requests are scattered across emails and spreadsheets. Give your community a central place to share feedback. You can create as many custom-branded ideas portals as you need and invite unlimited portal users.

Ideas portals are more than digital suggestion boxes. You get to join the conversation yourself — asking for more details and giving updates on the ideas that you plan to implement. And because you manage all ideas in one place, you now have a streamlined way to intake, review, and respond to requests.

Now that you know your way around your Aha! Ideas account a little bit, it is time to create your first ideas portal.

How to create an ideas portal

You can create multiple portal types per workspace, such as a private portal for partners and a public portal for customers. You can also configure one portal for all of your workspaces so that your ideas portal users only have to remember one URL when they want to leave feedback. However you structure your portal(s), you can manage all of a workspace's ideas in one place.

When you create an ideas portal, you get to configure how you want to interact with ideas in the portal, and who can access it.

  • Portal type: Select whether you would like a full or submit-only ideas portal.

    • Full: Ideas portals users can submit new ideas and view, comment, subscribe to, and vote on other users' ideas.

    • Submit-only: Ideas portals users can use a form to submit new ideas but not view any ideas in the portal.

  • Access: If you have selected a full ideas portal in the previous setting, you can choose whether you want your portal to be public or private.

    • Public: Anyone with a portal's URL can access a public ideas portal, so it is a good option if you want to allow everyone to give feedback and you do not want to require the users to log in first. The Aha! company ideas portal is a public portal.

      Note: Public portals are also available for indexing by search engines, including the ideas on the portal.

    • Private: Private portals limit access to a subset of users that you select on the Users tab. If you are an Ideas Advanced user, you can also use private portals to compile proxy votes — votes submitted on behalf of someone else.

To create a new ideas portal, navigate to Settings ⚙ Account Ideas portals, or Ideas Overview. From either page, click Add ideas portal to open the portal builder.

The ideas portal builder is a three-step process:

  1. Select a Title for your portal. Click Next to continue.

  2. Select a theme Color. Your theme color affects links and buttons in your ideas portal. Click the color icon to select a color or enter your own custom color using a hex code. Click Edit to edit your choice or Next to continue.

  3. Select your portal's Access level. Portals can have Public or Private access corresponding to the public and private types of portals. Click Create portal to create your portal.

Note: If you would like to create a submit-only portal, select either access level here, then change your portal's type in the portal settings.

Getting started

Congratulations! You just created your first portal. Next, let's customize it to match your brand.

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  3. Customize your portal

  4. Import data into Aha! Ideas

  5. Invite users to your account and portal

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