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Sharing information is a big part of a product builder's job. Whether you are communicating with your customers or teammates, you often have more than words to share. And you take note of everything from meeting agendas to product plans. You can share those documents in Aha! Notebooks to provide others with context on important topics, drive alignment on your plans, and work collaboratively with your team.

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Share a document

You can share a note or whiteboard with anyone — just send them the shareable link.

  1. Open your note or whiteboard and click the Share button in the upper-right corner.

  2. Click Get shareable link.

  3. Select whether those with the link can View only or Edit the document.

  4. Click Copy link.

  5. Send the link to as many people as you want.

Anyone who clicks the link to accept the document must have an Aha! account to view or collaborate on it — but they can create a free guest account if they do not have one yet.

When someone accesses your note or whiteboard, their name will appear listed in the Guest access section of the Share menu. From here, you can control their viewing and editing access on an individual basis.


Manage view and edit access

Personal documents

User with reviewer permissions in Aha! Notebooks Advanced plans do not have personal documents.

You can control who can view and edit your personal documents from the Share menu. Only you can change permissions or restrict access to your personal documents.

From the Share menu, select Edit or View only to determine the default editing permission for anyone who accesses your document from a sharable link. Control access for an individual by selecting Edit or View only next to their name under Guest access in the Share menu.

Hover over a user's initials from the Share menu and click the trash icon to remove their access to a note. Click Disable link from the Share menu to block access to the note for anyone who has not yet accessed it.

Workspace documents (Advanced plan)

With the Aha! Notebooks Advanced plan, anyone with access to a workspace can view workspace documents, and those with contributor access can edit workspace documents. You can decide whether users with reviewer permission for a workspace can edit documents — set default edit access for all reviewers from your workspace settings.

You can define view and edit access to workspace documents on a per-document basis:

  • Guest access: Anyone who has accessed a workspace document from a guest or trial account will be listed here. Click anyone's initials to change their permission to Edit or View only. Hover over a guest's initials and click the trash icon to revoke their access.

  • Reviewer access: The default reviewer permissions for your documents will be inherited from your workspace settings, but you can change them on a per-document basis. Select View or Edit to update all reviewer's permissions for your whiteboard.


Accept a document

Your colleague will provide you with a link when they want to share an Aha! Notebooks document with you. Click the link to open the invitation to view the document. You can then select an option to View the document or Ignore the document.

If you view the document, it will appear in the Shared with me section of your documents. The person who shared the document with you has control of your viewing and editing access for the document, but you can see who else has access to documents that have been shared with you. To see who has access to a shared document and will potentially see any edits you make, click the Shared icon at the top of the document next to its title.

see who can view a shared document in Aha! Notebooks


Edit collaboratively

Anyone you have given Edit access to for a note will be able to edit it or any whiteboards that are embedded within it. You can have an unlimited number of users collaborating on a note or embedded whiteboard.

When multiple users are navigating a note or whiteboard at once, you will see a colored flag for each user next to their name tracking their movement.


Share workspace documents (Advanced plan)

If you are an Aha! Notebooks Advanced plan user, you have access to workspace documents. These are notes and whiteboards that your entire team can access, in your shared team workspace. Any user with access to a workspace who has contributor permissions can share a workspace document. This means someone without access to a workspace or who has viewer account-level permissions (and cannot normally edit workspace documents) will be able to edit it if you give them permission to do so from the document's sharing settings.

You will be able to see the names of everyone who has access to a shared workspace document (if they do not belong to the workspace) in the Guest access section of the Share menu.


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