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Aha! Develop | Endpoint extension contributions

Endpoint extension contributions run on the Aha! Develop servers using the permissions of the user who installed the extension.

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An endpoint represents a web server URL that accepts requests either from within Aha! Develop or from a third party (often called a webhook).

An endpoint that can be used without authenticating to Aha! Develop first is marked as "public": true in package.json. Public endpoints have URLs that contain system-generated random tokens so they cannot be guessed. You should treat a public endpoint URL with the same care that you would treat a password. Public endpoints only respond to POST requests.



aha.on("endpointName", ({ headers, payload }, {identifier, settings}) => {
// code goes here.
  • headers — object containing the HTTP headers used for the request.

  • payload — object containing the query parameters for a GET request or the combined query parameters and body of a POST request.

  • identifier — set to the string identifier of the extension.

  • settings — the settings for the extension as a JSON object.


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