Aha! Roadmaps | Introduction to presentations

An Aha! Roadmaps presentation is an intuitive way to share your roadmaps, reports, and other information from Aha! with your audience via secure webpage or PDF — or, for a live audience, deliver it from your browser using Presentation mode. The information shared in your presentation is directly connected to the data in your account making it painless to keep your audience informed as updates are made.

We crafted presentations to keep you in control of who sees what and when. Sometimes as features and dates change, you want your published roadmap to automatically reflect the new reality. Other times, however, you want to be able to decide when to present the latest and also have the time to communicate new updates. You can do both with presentations.

You can create as many presentations as you need to effectively share your roadmap and other information from Aha! Roadmaps with different audiences, and each can be tailored to show only what is important to them.

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Create a presentation

To create a new presentation as a blank canvas:

  1. Navigate to Roadmaps Presentations Overview.

  2. Click Create new presentation. This will launch the slide editor.

  3. From there, you can begin adding slides with text, shapes, and views from nearly any page in the Aha! application. You can also turn your presentation into a presentation theme, and use it to apply consistent branding to every presentation that uses your theme.

Presentation theme in Aha! Roadmaps

You can also create a presentation starting with a view from nearly any page in Aha! Roadmaps:

  1. In the top-right corner of nearly any page in Aha!, click the Share menu, and then select Add to presentation.

  2. In the Add to presentation window, select Existing presentation or Create new presentation, and then enter the required information.

  3. Click the Add to presentation button.

  4. If you want, you can continue adding any pages from Aha! Roadmaps that you want to share.

You can add up to 50 pages to a single presentation.


Edit your slides

Use the slide editor to quickly add, edit, and reorder the slides in your presentation. To begin editing slides, navigate to Roadmaps Library Presentations and select View presentation. Your presentation will open in the slide editor. From the slide editor:

  • Customize the slides in your presentation with images, shapes, and text, as well as annotate directly on Aha! views to highlight the most important details.

  • Add Aha! views directly to a slide using the Add Aha! views button.

  • Right-click anywhere on the slide preview pane on the left to add, copy, cut, paste, or delete a slide.

  • Include multiple Aha! views on the same slide and set their update frequency to control how often each view is updated.

  • Use the Themes tab of the slide editor to apply a presentation theme to your presentation.

Edit slides in Aha! presentations


Manage your presentation

To manage your slides, toggle from the Slide editor to the Grid view in the upper left corner of the page. From the grid view, you can see large thumbnails of all the slides in your presentation and reorder slides by dragging and dropping them to position.

  • Click the Add slide button to add blank slides to your presentation.

  • When you are using grid view, double-click on a slide to open the slide editor.

Grid view of an Aha! Roadmaps presentation


Publish your presentation

Once your presentation is assembled and ready to share, you can publish it as a secure web presentation or PDF depending on your needs.

The web presentation allows you to create a live view of the presentation hosted as a webpage that provides a read-only copy of the data for others to view. There are multiple ways to add additional security to your web presentation, allowing you to create a safe place to share a live copy of your roadmap.

PDF presentations allow you to create a downloadable PDF document containing all of the content within your presentation. This is useful for teams looking to share a document version in an email or print a copy of the presentation.


Deliver your presentation

There are two ways to present your slides — a secure webpage and presentation mode.

Both presenting experiences maintain a 16:9 aspect ratio to ensure that your slides are viewed exactly as you had designed them, no matter the size of the viewer's monitor. Please note that in some scenarios, black bars may be shown on the right and left or bottom and top of the slides to maintain the 16:9 aspect ratio if the viewer's screen has a wider or taller ratio.

  • Secure webpages should be used when sharing a link with someone who is viewing it without you present in the room.

  • Presentation mode should be used when you are giving the presentation to others in the same room as you. This option will show the slides in full screen mode, and you can access it with the Present button within the presentation slide editor. In presentation mode, slide controls will disappear when not in use to keep the focus on the content of your presentation.


Previous versions

If you update a presentation after publishing it you can download the old versions that were created through clicking More options and selecting View previous versions.

For webpages, please note that there is always only one URL per presentation. While you can view older versions that were created, you cannot revert to an older webpage and publish it.


Copy a presentation

You can copy any presentation to get a quick starting point for your new presentation. This is particularly useful when you are creating slightly different presentations for different audiences, but they contain much of the same information.

  1. Go to Roadmaps Library Presentations and click on the More options button beside the presentation you wish to copy, then click View details.

  2. On the details page, click the More options button again, and then select Copy presentation. Copying a presentation includes all presentation pages, collaborators, and to-dos.


Export views in your presentation

If you need to show the latest version of a set of Aha! views in an outside presentation tool, you can do so by exporting your presentation to a Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt) file. When you do, the exported file will have a PNG of each view included in your presentation on a separate slide, but it will contain no other content from your Aha! presentation.

Click the Export menu and select Export Aha! view to .ppt. Then click Generate PowerPoint. Select Download PowerPoint to download your file. If you have an existing file you have already exported, you can click Update during this step to update the views in your file with the latest version.

an Aha! presentation with a window open to export views to PowerPoint


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