Integrate Aha! With Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides tools to analyze data from your website. It gives you the ability to understand your website and app users so you can better evaluate the performance of your marketing, content, products, and more. With Google Analytics, you can stay close to critical business activities and determine how successful your web properties are at turning users into customers.

Integrate Aha! With Google Analytics


View engagement data from Google Analytics directly in Aha! With this integration, you can see the impact of your work against projections in real time. Track the ROI of key campaigns, understand user behavior, and share the results — without ever leaving Aha!


You need to be an administrator with customization permissions in Aha! and have a Google Analytics account to create this integration.

In your Aha! account, go to Settings > Account > Integrations and add Google Analytics to set the integration up at the account level. If you want the integration set up for a specific product or marketing workspace, go to Settings > Product or Workspace > Integrations and add Google Analytics.

  1. Click the Authentication button and enter your Google Analytics username and password when prompted.
  2. Choose the Google Analytics account that you would like to integrate with Aha!.
  3. Choose the Google Analytics web property to sync with your Aha! records.
  4. Choose the view to sync with your Aha! records.
  5. Choose the Aha! records you would like to track with Google Analytics.
  6. Enable the integration. A new Engagement section will be available to the Aha! records you selected in the previous step.
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