Aha! Roadmaps + Google Analytics

See the results of your work

Track the ROI of marketing campaigns and understand user behavior. This integration allows you to view engagement data from Google Analytics directly in Aha! so you can report on the results of your work. Choose which metrics you want to track, including page views, sessions, pages/session, bounce rate, average session duration, goal completions, new users, users, goal conversion rate, and goal value. Then set the exact date range you want to analyze.

Analyze online traffic

Track the results of digital marketing programs and campaigns. You can add as many measurements as you need to a specific record in Aha! to understand performance. Select a dimension (such as as browser, landing page, source, or medium) and choose the goal that is most important to you. Then select up to six tracking metrics that you want to display in the engagement details.

Understand user engagement

Get visibility into how users interact with pages in your web application. You can measure the impact of features and compare how different areas of your product are used over time. Choose specific date ranges or set custom time frames so you can monitor how new functionality changes user behavior.

Report on the results

Analyze the impact of your work and determine where to invest in the future. You can include data from Google Analytics in Aha! charts and reports. Understand performance, identify areas for improvement, and make more informed roadmap decisions.