Aha! Roadmaps + FogBugz

Share roadmap details with engineering

This two-way integration makes it easy for product managers to set strategy in Aha! and then communicate the exact priority of what needs to be built. Push your planned features and requirements from Aha! to FogBugz. Receive status updates as they happen.

Send features from Aha! to FogBugz individually or in bulk.
Track progress on roadmaps in Aha! as features are completed in FogBugz.

Specify what needs to be built

Link features and requirements in Aha! with issues and sub-cases in FogBugz. The most important details about each feature, such as the description, tags, and attachments, are automatically sent over. You can move features from Aha! to FogBugz individually or send in bulk by release.

Instantly convey updates

Your roadmap can change. Once a feature is sent to FogBugz, you can update the details at any time. This keeps information exactly the same in both systems so you can be confident engineering is working from the most up-to-date plans.

Monitor status updates

Quickly see exactly what work has been completed so you can track progress against your roadmap. As engineering works on issues in FogBugz, status updates are automatically synced with the corresponding feature in Aha!