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Integrate Aha! With Trello

Trello is a visual collaboration tool that creates a shared perspective on any project. From sales and marketing to HR and operations, teams can design and customize Trello to fit their unique needs and work styles.

Aha! integration with Trello


This two-way integration allows you to build your product and launch plans in Aha! and send the cross-functional work to Trello. At a high level, the integration supports the following functionality:

  • Set record mappings for Aha! initiatives, releases, master features, features, and requirements and link them to cards in Trello.
  • Map default and custom fields in Aha! to any similar field in Trello and specify which direction the updates should flow (e.g. from Aha! or from Trello).
  • Automatically send outgoing changes from Aha! or choose to review and approve them first.
  • Import records directly from Trello to make getting started in Aha! easy.
  • Save configuration options as a reusable template for future integrations.

The integration includes deep customization options so you can reflect exactly the way you want to handle projects in Trello. This allows other team members to continue using Trello as their tool of choice.


Ready to get started? We’ve provided detailed instructions in the Aha! support documentation. You need to be a product owner in Aha! and have access to the Trello board you want to integrate with.

  1. Create the integration in Aha!
  2. Authenticate using your Trello username and password
  3. Select the Trello board where new cards will be created
  4. Choose default list and position options for new cards
  5. Map Aha! records to Trello records

Once you have added the Trello integration, you can directly import your feature backlog using the import functionality.

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