Aha! Roadmaps + Google Workspace

Streamline user management

Set up Google as your SAML-enabled identify provider. This integration allows users to securely log in to your Aha! account using their Google app credentials. You can also enable single sign-on (SSO) for managing access to your Aha! ideas portals and any published Aha! presentations.

Configure single sign-on in your ideas portal.

Simplify user management

Securely manage all of your enterprise applications in one place. Add and revoke user access to Aha! via Google Workspace. Define the permissions that new users will receive the first time they log in to your Aha! account.

Control access to ideas and presentations

Using single sign-on makes it even easier for customers and employees to submit new ideas and vote on existing ones in your ideas portal. Enterprise+ customers can also use SSO for granting access to published Aha! presentations.

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