Aha! Develop + Abstract

Get quick access to design files

Designs bring clarity to what software engineers need to build. Ensure a smooth handoff from design to engineering with the Abstract extension. Embed live design files directly into work items — including epics, user stories, and requirements — as well technical documentation. This makes it easier to keep designs and dev work in sync.

View, access, and embed Abstract designs in Aha! Develop user stories.

Add designs to development plans

Install the Abstract extension, then add the Abstract custom field to your card layout — wherever you want the designs to be visible. When designs are ready, paste the URL of the design file into the custom field. You can even customize the integration to automatically add a comment when a design file is added to a user story.

Smoothly access the latest

Preview the linked design file right in Aha! Develop — so you know you have the latest designs. Then click the file to jump directly into Abstract when you need to explore designs in more depth. Improve clarity across design and development — leading to better collaboration and more happiness.