Aha! Roadmaps + Apple Calendar

See what you need to get done

Be your most productive self. Use this one-way integration to sync to-dos and saved calendar reports from Aha! to your Apple Calendar. This helps you visualize what you need to get done so you can plan your days. Once synced, Aha! records are added as all-day events to your calendar. Each event includes a link back to the Aha! application so you can dive right into the details.

Generate a calendar URL for saved calendar reports and to-dos.
Visualize your to-dos and key dates in your Apple Calendar.
Manage, review, and revoke your own calendar URLs in personal settings.

Sync important work dates

See what work you need to get done and plan your daily agenda. Setting up an integration is simple. Generate a calendar URL from the to-dos section of the My work page or from a saved calendar report. Then add a new Apple Calendar subscription and paste in the URL from Aha! Once synced, you will be able to track due dates directly on your personal calendar.

Plan ahead

Organize your time so you can meet your deadlines. The integration automatically updates your calendar as plans change in Aha! — quickly view the details of a calendar event by clicking the link to open the original record in the Aha! application.