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Integrate Aha! With Confluence

Atlassian Confluence is an open and shared workspace for organizing team documentation. You can group related content in a dedicated space so the entire team can share knowledge efficiently. Page templates help teams organize and publish information such as meeting notes, project plans, blogs, and more.

With this integration, you can generate a link to any saved roadmap, report, or presentation in Aha! and embed it in a Confluence page to share your plans with the broader team. Any updates made in Aha! will be automatically reflected in Confluence.

Share your plans in Confluence


Ready to get started? You can find detailed instructions in the Aha! support documentation. This is a one-way integration from Aha! to Confluence so you can share live views of your roadmaps, reports, and presentations with the broader team.

  1. In your Confluence account, go to Settings > Find new apps and search for the Aha! roadmaps for Confluence app. Click the Get app button.
  2. Make sure the Enable shared views as a webpage setting is enabled in your Aha! account. You need to be an account administrator to enable this option.
  3. Generate a shareable link to any saved Aha! roadmap or report by clicking More options > Share as webpage. You can publish an Aha! presentation as a webpage by clicking Generate secure webpage.
  4. Copy the shareable link from Aha! and then open the page in Confluence where you want to embed your view.
  5. In edit mode, place your cursor where you want the Aha! macro to appear and paste the shareable link. Alternatively, you can click the + button, select the Aha! macro, and paste the link.
  6. Add as many Aha! views as you like to your Confluence page. When you are happy with the way your page looks, click Publish to share it with others.

Your roadmaps, reports, and presentations will appear as a live view. As your plans change, the data on the Confluence page will update automatically.

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The world's #1 roadmap software
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