Aha! Develop + Marvel

Hand off design files more efficiently

Streamline the handoff from designers to developers. Use the integration with Marvel to embed design files directly within work items — like epics, user stories, requirements — and technical documentation. This ensures the latest designs are always available when development gets underway.

View, access, and embed Marvel designs in Aha! Develop records and notes.

Add design files to dev work

Add the latest designs directly in Aha! Develop. First, connect Marvel with Develop by installing the Marvel extension. Then add the Marvel custom field wherever you want designs to appear. When designs are ready, paste the URL of the Marvel file into the custom field. Ensure an efficient handoff to engineering with added customization — like an automatic comment whenever a new file is linked.

Access the latest designs

Get quick confirmation that you have the latest designs in Aha! Develop. The Marvel extension gives team members a live preview of the linked file — with all the details you need to start building. Simply click on the file to jump into Marvel and explore the designs in more depth.