Record links API

Create a record link for a release

POST /api/v1/:record_type/:id/record_links

record_type *

Type of the record being linked to. One of features, releases, ideas, epics, release_phases, initiatives, pages, goals.

record_id *

Id of the record being linked to.

link_type *

Type of link; one of 10 (Relates to), 20 (depends on), 30 (duplicated by), 40 (contained by), 50 (impacted by), or 60 (blocked by).

Example request

POST /api/v1/pages/1051981226/record_links

Example CURL command

curl "" -d '{"record_link":{"record_type":"feature","record_id":303873333,"link_type":10}}' -X POST \
	-H "Authorization: Bearer 15b60d42d4bc417284a246ced6877b0bf13fb4aca415f7b55f7006bc3694a8ab" \
	-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
	-H "Accept: application/json"


authorization: Bearer 15b60d42d4bc417284a246ced6877b0bf13fb4aca415f7b55f7006bc3694a8ab
contentType: application/json
accept: application/json

Request body


Status: 204 No Content