Capacity estimate values API

Create estimate values for a capacity investment

POST /api/v1/capacity_investments/:id/estimate_values

Estimate value objects should include the following keys: team_id, period_start, and total. This endpoint uses an "upsert" flow, updating existing records, or creating new ones if they do not exist. Returns all updated and destroyed estimate values, including computed sums and ignored values.

id *

Numeric ID of the capacity investment

estimate_values *

An array (or object) of estimate values to create/update.

Example request


Example CURL command

curl "" -d '{"estimate_values":[{"team_id":949295028,"period_start":"2019-01-01","total":5},{"team_id":949295028,"period_start":"2019-01-01","total":10},{"team_id":563889676,"period_start":"2019-01-01","total":15},{"team_id":563889676,"period_start":"2019-01-01","total":20}]}' -X POST \
	-H "Authorization: Bearer 15b60d42d4bc417284a246ced6877b0bf13fb4aca415f7b55f7006bc3694a8ab" \
	-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
	-H "Accept: application/json"


authorization: Bearer 15b60d42d4bc417284a246ced6877b0bf13fb4aca415f7b55f7006bc3694a8ab
contentType: application/json
accept: application/json

Request body


Status: 200 OK
contentType: application/json; charset=utf-8

Response body

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