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Set strategy, prioritize features, and create beautiful product roadmaps to showcase your plans

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An image of a portfolio roadmap in Aha! roadmap software where you can create beautiful roadmaps

Create beautiful roadmaps

Build the perfect roadmap in minutes. Choose the template that best fits your needs, customize the details, and share it with your audience.

  • Visualize timing for your plans

  • Communicate changes in real time

  • Share work with presentations that auto-update

Showcase your roadmap

An image of top idea management software features for Aha! roadmap software to collect product feedback

Collect product feedback

Crowdsource ideas from customers and employees via a custom-branded portal. Rank ideas based on their value — and promote the best ones directly to your roadmap.

  • Efficiently review every idea

  • Analyze feedback trends

  • Send automatic status updates

Engage your community

Implementing Aha! software has been a sea change for our team. We are now more focused than ever on delivering product value — for our customers and the business.

Jerimiah Rudden

Senior manager, product strategy and operations | Genesys

An image of feature prioritization in Aha! roadmap software for software product planning

Prioritize what to build

Define features based on the desired user experience. Use the prioritization view to assess the product value each one will deliver and align on what to build next.

  • Set objective scoring metrics

  • Capture and refine estimates

  • Send planned work to engineering

Deliver the most impact

An image of AI writing assistant and whiteboards in Aha! roadmaps software to spark product innovation

Spark product innovation

Brainstorm concepts on a whiteboard and create compelling documentation, using guided templates to help you shine.

  • Illustrate concepts on a whiteboard

  • Quickly draft documents with built-in AI

  • Collaborate with the team in real time

Brainstorm product concepts

An image of product planning in Aha! roadmap software to coordinate releases

Coordinate releases

Manage every delivery detail. Adjust the timing and scope of upcoming launches based on the team's capacity — so you can set realistic delivery dates.

  • Plan major launches using a Gantt chart

  • Track cross-team dependencies

  • Get delivery risk alerts

Launch on target

An image of a product reporting dashboard in Aha! roadmap software to highlight your success

Highlight your success

Report on progress against your roadmap. Enter data once and quickly generate compelling visualizations. Track product KPIs with an interactive dashboard.

  • Choose from 75+ pre-built product reports

  • Create lists, pivot tables, and charts

  • Include more than 200 data fields

Analyze your product data

Why customers love Aha! Roadmaps

Bring everything together

Set strategy, collect ideas, manage releases, prioritize features, create roadmaps, and report on progress in a centralized system.

Lead with strategy

Connect goals and initiatives to the actual work so you can stay focused on delivering the most customer and business value.

Tailor your work

Customize everything to match how your organization works — including workspace hierarchy, terminology, and workflows.

Drive consistency

Set standards and best practices for core product management activities so everyone follows the same repeatable approach.

Increase visibility

Make your roadmap accessible to leadership, engineering, and other teams — keeping everyone informed about the latest updates.

Get expert help

Our Product Success team has deep knowledge of our software and real-world experience — and is super responsive.

Product experts at your service

Aha! provides a complete picture across our entire portfolio. We can quickly access product information at any level and see how it ties to the overall strategy.

Michael Morris

Director of global product management | Experian

Connect with 30+ tools you already use

Roadmaps integrations

Seamlessly integrate your ecosystem of tools

Sync with engineering

Seamlessly integrate with Jira, Azure DevOps, and Aha! Develop to collaborate on requirements, communicate changes, and track progress.

Keep work flowing

Connect with tools such as Google Chat or Slack to drive collaboration. Integrate your favorite calendar and file-storage apps for greater productivity.

Centralize product feedback

Send requests from Salesforce and Zendesk directly to Aha! Roadmaps. These integrations are available as an add-on.

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