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Brainstorming meeting

Organize and facilitate a brainstorming meeting

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About the brainstorming meeting template

Product teams rely on creative thinking to solve challenges — from exploring bold new ideas to optimizing team processes. Brainstorming together can help you tap into the group's insights and identify potential solutions faster.

This note template is ideal for planning and leading a brainstorming meeting. Its simple layout makes it easy to set objectives, record notes, and align on next steps. You can also embed a whiteboard directly in the note to give you a creative space to visualize your ideas during the meeting. Choose from layouts like the brainstorming board, mind map, or SWOT analysis to encourage participation.

As you wrap up your brainstorming meeting, decide on next steps. And if you know an idea is aligned with your strategic direction, go ahead and convert it into real work in Aha! Roadmaps.

How to use

Bring the team together to generate new ideas, solve complex problems, and discover innovative solutions.

  1. Get organized Determine what you what you want to achieve during the session. Choose a facilitator, think about who to invite, and share the meeting agenda ahead of time.

  2. Pick a brainstorming technique This guide has 10+ examples of popular brainstorming techniques. Choose one that is suited to the scenario or problem you are solving.

  3. Record the discussion Take notes or embed a whiteboard in the template — so you can capture and organize information just the way you want..

  4. Plan next steps After the brainstorming session has ended, what will you do with all the ideas you generate? How will you evaluate which ideas are most valuable and which to cut? Make a plan for what is next so you do not lose momentum.

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