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Marketing calendar

Detail marketing activities like blog posts, email campaigns, events, and team meetings

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Marketing calendar large

About the marketing calendar template

From scheduling marketing campaigns to supporting product launches, having a clear timeline helps the team stay focused and organized. Use this marketing calendar template to visualize upcoming dates, deadlines, and even meetings.

To keep the calendar clutter-free, stick to the most important items — ones that the team needs to know to plan weekly tasks and dependencies. Use contrasting colors and add a key to differentiate the items on the calendar.

When you are ready to move into detailed planning, you can easily promote items on the whiteboard into work in Aha! Roadmaps — which comes with calendar views that are connected to real data in your account. So each card on the calendar has schedules, statuses, and tasks associated with it. And each can be moved around as needed if priorities or dates shift. Happy planning!

Best practices

Plan, schedule, and visualize your marketing efforts on an interactive calendar.

1. Lay out key dates View product launches, campaigns, and important events on a calendar to begin coordinating your marketing plans.

2. Schedule content Create an editorial calendar to show when blog posts, newsletters, and case studies will be published.

3. Assign teams and owners Color code by team or assignee to ensure that folks know what needs to delivered and when.

4. Share your calendar Keep the calendar handy and reference it during team meetings. Invite the team to add details or link out to corresponding work — so everyone has access to the latest plans.

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