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Teamwork, Ideation

Sticky note pack

Use colorful sticky note packs to quickly capture and organize thoughts

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Sticky note pack large

About the sticky note pack

Product teams need a better way to capture and organize concepts — so breakthrough ideas never get lost in the shuffle. Think of the sticky note pack as a digital spin on a classic.

You can start with the six included sticky note colors or create custom colors to help categorize your ideas. Insert shapes, lines, and frames to add visual structure and group similar notes together.

When you are ready, share your whiteboard with your team and encourage folks to build on each other's ideas. Work together to connect new concepts to upcoming product plans — either in Aha! Create or over in Aha! Roadmaps.

How to use

Add colorful notes to a virtual whiteboard, brainstorm ideas, and share feedback with your team.

  1. Organize your thoughts Grab a sticky note from the pack and start typing freely. The text will automatically resize to fit. Then rearrange and add more sticky notes to your whiteboard as ideas continue to flow.

  2. Refine concepts together Invite teammates to the board and build on each other's ideas — both in real time and asynchronously. The other templates in Aha! Create also come equipped with a sticky note pack to help you get started fast.

  3. Go from sticky note to roadmap When a working session results in brilliant ideas, easily convert any sticky note directly into an idea or feature in Aha! Roadmaps. Now you can bridge the gap between ideation and roadmapping.

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