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Daily standup meeting

Quickly connect with the team to share progress and blockers

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About the daily standup meeting template

A daily standup meeting is a short team gathering, much like a sports huddle. They enable the swift exchange (~15 minutes) of important information, allowing your team to sync on progress and discuss next steps.

Standups are a fundamental part of the scrum framework, joining other key ceremonies like sprint planning, sprint review, and sprint retrospectives. Standups reinforce the self-organizing aspect of scrum teams, where a team collectively manages the how and when of their tasks — maintaining close communication while the work moves forward.

This template is ideal for streamlining communication during a standup. Team members add sticky notes to represent completed work, in-progress work, and any blockers. Reviewing together keeps everyone focused on what is most important so you can stay on track.

How to use

Share updates and challenges, so everyone knows what is happening.

  1. Customize for your team Add a section on the daily standup board for each team member and adjust the details to match your team's needs. Save your board as a custom template so you can quickly create a new one each day.

  2. Answer three questions Share a link to your board ahead of the daily standup so each team member can capture what they did yesterday, what they will work on today, and any blockers.

  3. Share updates live Use a round robin format to give everyone a chance to speak. Keep your updates concise and avoid problem-solving — any blockers should be addressed after the meeting.

  4. Keep iterating The primary goal of your daily standup meetings is to create an atmosphere where team members feel comfortable sharing challenges. Experiment with different formats and techniques to get the most out of your time together.

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